Thursday, July 30, 2015

Urdhva dhanurasana

Another backbending video: The pose feels so differently than it looks like. I'm glad that I filmed it. It gives me feed-back, it shows me the path.

Stiff are the parts in front of the shoulders. I think my dharma wheel can help here. 
Next time I'll try to get closer with the feet and not with the hands. 
It could be good to practice close to a wall to have orientation. The  chest can move towards the wall. 

It's recommended to lift up 5 times. I'm up to 4 times. I always try to get closer. Next time I'll try to lift up 5 times without getting closer the 5th time. This might be easier and I work on getting stronger. 

There is no fast progress in Ashtanga yoga, yet as a yogini I exercise to be content. 

Hasta padangusthasana