Thursday, April 26, 2012



  1. Hello!
    I'm work working on the Wikipedia Yoga Project ( ) and I have just found your amazing collection of asana images!
    One thing Wikipedia currently lacks is Creative Commons Licensed images for the Yoga Project, your photos could be a boon, if it is possible that they be realized under the creative commons.
    Have a look at some of the articles which have been newly edited to get an idea of how they might be used on Wikipedia:
    The Tadasana article is the most complete at the moment.
    They are all still works in progress. You can see, the picture for Chaturanga Dandasana is not suitable. There are many asanas which lack suitable Creative Common images.

    If releasing your images under a creative commons license is something you would like to do there are a few ways to do it:
    The easiest is to simply place a tag on your blog here (How to: ).
    Be aware of which license you choose, some allow modification, while others do not. For the Wikipedia page, modification would not be necessary. (A guide for choosing a suitable CC license: )

    Additionally, two other things would be helpful for the Wikipedia project. One, would be to make the images easily accessible via a Picasa profile which may allow batch downloading (thus, batch uploading), sending them in a .zip package (if the photos are named appropriately), or uploading them yourself to the Wikimedia Commons (here: ). However, none of that is really necessary, I'm sure many a Wikipedia user would be happy if the photos were simple made available, and I or another editor can do the rest:)

    Thank you, if you have any further questions feel free to contact me via my Google account or on Wikipedia via my user talk page:


  2. Thank you very much for contacting me, CJ.

    I added the cc-badge on my site.
    It's wonderful to be part of the wikipedia project.

    There are some issues re the link, that's why I wanted to contact you. I couldn't find your google account.....